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community health

Our objective is to make health care a right for all
For nearly three years, our organization MIPROS has been acting in the municipality of Ganthier (this municipality is part of the west department and located at 29 km at the east of Port-au-Prince with an area of 765.56 km² and a population of 71,261 people), through a project entitled "Improving the coverage of preventive and attention medical services in the community of Babaco, area Haiti-Dominican Republic border".

This project, funded by ANESVAD / Spain, aims to promote and protect the right to health. A total of 8,150 people will benefit from this initiative.
To make it so, a series of activities have been started:MIPROS.ORG | Community Health Photo

  • Construction of latrines for families living in 5 communities (Babaco, Tamarin, Balan, Madame Beaugé, Hatte Cotin).
  • Provision of water purification systems for families (bokit system).
  • Mobile clinic (free medical consultations and medicines distribution to families).
  • Implementation of Community Health Committees
  • Workshops Reflections on community health problems .
  • Health education workshops.
  • Roundtable with groups of mothers / fathers, young women of childbearing age, the management of children
  • Conferences on Human Rights .
  • Educational talks on preventive health .
  • Community sanitation campaigns .
  • Fumigation campaigns .

In fact, each community has a committee of 5 members that supports the planning and coordination of the project with the MIPROS team. These members are largely health workers trained by MIPROS.

The Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) is involved with the implementation of this project by putting at our disposal vaccines against different diseases (polio, tuberculosis, tetanus, measles, etc.) and overseeing some of our activities.