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a/s Jean Closter Julien
Directeur exécutif
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Port-au-Prince, Haïti

Tabarre 46,
Blvb 15 Oct.,
Port-au-Prince, Haïti

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Mipros achievements photoACHIEVEMENTS OF mipros orgANIzATION

Without a doubt it is because of the people we got involved. Our achievements are impressive.The list is too long to enumerate them all here. We encourage you to navigate our site to read about them.

What comes to mind, is our involvement in Jacmel, we gave more than 250 school and community conferences. We trained and still counting 60 health promoters. They gave sensibilisation conferences and distributed sensibilisation materials. We also gave sessions and screening tests for pregnant women. We distributed more than half a million condoms,7500 prevention flyers and 3000 stickers.

We gave away over 25, 000 hygiene kits, water. We also granted cash for work. We are still doing free consultation and giving away free medicine, granting garden. We help the population in food assistance and Education supplies. We tried and succeeded in helping in the very basics to sustain life and got involved in reconstructing the social infrastructure of our society. Looking to the future, we also made possible training in sales, marketing and small businesses.

Times are hard in Haïti, small things are important when everything you consider what is granted in the major parts of the world. We are very grateful to all of our benefactors. It may seem strange for someone to be still asking for your help after reading all of our acheivements. We are still reconstructing after the earthquake. You will read our pleas for help and your support. Please consider a donation now!

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